At International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference, GHESKIO Presents Mobile App Designed with Analysis Group to Monitor Patient Visits

November 14, 2023

An Analysis Group team worked pro bono with GHESKIO, a Haitian center that provides health care and humanitarian support to the country’s most vulnerable population, to develop a mobile app to track patient time spent in routine HIV care at GHESKIO. The Analysis Group team – which included Vice President Christopher Llop, Manager Tim Spittle, Senior Analyst Alejandro Salvador Chavez, and Analyst Magda Kisielinska – designed data quality control mechanisms to facilitate the app’s accuracy and adoption even in areas with poor internet connectivity. A team from Haiti, led by Dr. Samuel Pierre of GHESKIO, led the data collection process and collaborated with Analysis Group in conducting quality control measures at the point of data capture. These measures included daily data backups, regular data reporting, and quality control checks by on-site clinicians, as well as other processes necessary to account for limited internet connectivity. The data collected have the potential to inform staff and ultimately facilitate efforts to reduce patient waiting time, thus improving patient retention and satisfaction and minimizing lost wages due to hours spent in clinic.

GHESKIO presented a poster of this work at IAS 2023, a leading conference on HIV research focused on moving scientific advancements into policy and practice.

View the poster presentation