David J. Hutchings, Expert in Economics and Finance, Joins Analysis Group as Managing Principal

September 5, 2023

Analysis Group is pleased to welcome David J. Hutchings, a seasoned economics and finance expert, to its Montreal office as a Managing Principal. Mr. Hutchings’ economics expertise spans a wide array of topics, including tax and transfer pricing, securities and finance, valuation and damages, and antitrust. He brings deep experience in litigation, international arbitration, and investigations, and has led case teams and testified on a range of topics in economic and financial analyses, including damages estimation and liability assessment. He has also testified and led teams in support of other experts to perform valuation analyses in complex matters across many jurisdictions, including the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Latin America, and Australia.

In addition, Mr. Hutchings has been involved in securities disputes arising out of US financial crises related to residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), credit ratings, and financial guaranty insurance. In antitrust and competition matters, Mr. Hutchings has analyzed anticompetitive effects, evaluated potential remedies, examined the economics of platform markets, and assisted in the preparation of analysis and testimony that were presented before the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). His tax and transfer pricing experience is extensive, and he has also conducted multiple valuation exercises related to claims by First Nations in Canada.