Study by Analysis Group Consultants Examines Potential Economic Impact of Legalizing iGaming

April 11, 2024

Analysis Group Vice Presidents Mickey Ferri and Laura O’Laughlin have authored a study evaluating the potential economic impact of online and mobile gambling (iGaming) in five states, if legalized. According to the authors, iGaming has the potential to generate revenues of $18 billion for New York, $9.2 billion for Illinois, $3.9 billion for Louisiana, $5.5 billion for Maryland, and $5.3 billion for Virginia between 2025 and 2029, all while modestly increasing land-based casino revenues.

The authors base their economic projections on three key sets of data: the observed impact of iGaming on land-based casino revenue in six states where iGaming is currently legal [see Figure 1]; the relationship between sports betting revenue and iGaming revenue [see Figure 2]; and consumer research on the relationship between iGaming and land-based casino visits [see Figure 3].

Chart Detailing Overall Market Expansion After States Implemented iGaming (in $ Millions)
Graph Illustrating the Correlation Between Sports Betting and iGaming Revenues per Adult in 2023
Table Illustrating the Frequency of Land-Based Casino Visits After iGaming

The study also examines the degree of overall market expansion in the iGaming states, including state-specific market characteristics, impacts on land-based casino revenues, and tax implications. The authors ultimately find that iGaming has the potential to expand economic activity in the overall gaming market – both online and on land.

The study, The Potential Economic Impact of Legalizing iGaming on Casino Revenues in Five States (New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, and Virginia), was commissioned by the Sports Betting Alliance.

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