Vice President Anne Catherine Faye Discusses the Intersection Between Competition Law and Sustainability on The Competitive Edge Podcast

April 8, 2024

Analysis Group Vice President Anne Catherine Faye discussed the intersection of competition law and sustainability efforts aimed at fighting climate change on Gilbert + Tobin’s The Competitive Edge podcast. Speaking with Anna Belgiorno-Nettis, a Gilbert + Tobin attorney, Ms. Faye explained the potential tension between competition law and private-sector collaboration on environmental sustainability initiatives, as well as the role of economists in helping businesses navigate this tension. She also provided an overview of the complex regulatory landscape in the US surrounding antitrust laws and collaborative sustainability efforts. Ms. Faye ended the discussion by noting key takeaways from recent conferences – which she co-organized at Howard University in Washington, DC, and Oxford University in England – on whether sustainability and competition law are friends or foes.

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