Vice President Juliette Caminade Discusses Antitrust Implications of Two-sided Digital Platforms in a Podcast for the ABA’s Trust and Trade Series

June 6, 2022

For the ABA Antitrust Law Section’s Trust and Trade weekly podcast series, Vice President Juliette Caminade was interviewed on antitrust questions arising from the rapid development of two-sided digital platform businesses. Dr. Caminade explained the economic fundamentals underlying two-sided platform business models and the implications for antitrust analysis. In particular, she discussed the primary differences between two-sided platforms and traditional one-sided businesses; how platforms create value using different pricing structures; and the importance of indirect network effects to the success of platform businesses. Dr. Caminade then commented on the ways that the presence of indirect network effects can change the calculus for determining market power, including consideration of multi-homing and rapid technology development in assessing barriers to entry. She concluded with a brief discussion of the legacy of the US Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Ohio v. American Express.