Alfa Gomma, S.P.A. v. Veyance Technologies, Inc.

An Analysis Group team, including Senior Advisor Jeffrey Cohen and Manager Mark Berberian, was retained by Bryan Cave LLP on behalf of Alfa Gomma in an antitrust-related contract dispute. Alfa Gomma brought the complaint against Veyance Technologies to enforce contract terms providing for payments following the dissolution of a multiyear partnership. Veyance alleged that these terms were an unreasonable restraint of trade and therefore unenforceable. After a five-day hearing, the arbitrators found that the contested contract terms were reasonable commercial terms and that the overall effect of the contract was pro-competitive. Dr. Grgeta prepared two reports assessing the competitiveness of the contract terms and reviewing the arguments provided by Veyance's expert. The arbitration panel ruled in favor of Alfa Gomma, and in its interim award adopted the language and arguments contained in Dr. Grgeta's reports.

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