Augustus et al. v. American Commercial Security Services, Inc. et al. (ABM Security Services, Inc.)

Analysis Group was retained by Roxborough Pomerance Nye & Adreani LLP to provide an estimation of damages in a labor class action lawsuit brought by 15,000 current and former security guards employed through ABM Security Services, Inc. The plaintiffs alleged that their employer violated state labor law by requiring them to carry radios so they could be "on call" during their designated break and meal periods.

In support of the plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment, California Superior Court Judge John S. Wiley ruled that the defendant had failed to relieve its workers of all duties during the rest periods and awarded damages of nearly $90 million. Managing Principal Bruce Deal led a team in evaluating payroll data for thousands of potential claimants. Based on potential court findings, Analysis Group offered different damages scenarios that encompassed calculations of unpaid rest period compensation, as well as interest and waiting time penalties. The court adopted those calculations in issuing its damages decision.

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