Calpine Corporation Bankruptcy Settlement

Analysis Group's client, Calpine Corporation, received $97 million and a favorable 10-year gas supply agreement in a settlement of all claims related to the sale of its oil and gas businesses to Rosetta Resources. The settlement resolved disputes arising from the conveyance of certain residual oil and gas properties to Rosetta Resources. The suit was brought in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, and was part of a larger bankruptcy case involving Calpine.

Two Analysis Group teams worked on the Calpine/Rosetta case. In New York, Managing Principal Maureen Chakraborty supported the testifying expert, who undertook an analysis of Calpine's solvency around the time of the transaction. In San Francisco, Special Adviser Edward Kahn and Senior Advisor Susan Tierney analyzed Calpine's management forecasts from an energy industry perspective.