Maureen M. Chakraborty

Managing Principal

Maureen M. Chakraborty

New York


Ph.D., economics, University of Notre Dame; B.A., economics, Colby College

Summary of Experience

Dr. Chakraborty is an economist with an extensive background in finance, accounting, and valuation. She has been retained both as an expert witness and as a consultant in a number of matters involving structured finance transactions and derivative securities, securities litigation, insider trading, tax and transfer pricing issues, valuation, and solvency. Dr. Chakraborty recently has consulted and testified in matters involving investment and trading strategies, the disposition and sale of securities (including mortgage-backed structured products), securities price movements, and a number of topics related to the financial crisis. She also has provided analysis on matters involving mergers and acquisitions, auction pricing, the determination of royalties, and matters involving large data sets. Her work has involved the development of financial and economic models, and the valuation of equities, fixed-income assets, structured finance products, options, and companies in the financial services, energy, telecommunications, transportation, sports and entertainment, and pharmaceutical industries.

Selected Publishing