Class Action v. Allstate Insurance

Analysis Group was retained by Allstate's counsel to serve as consultants on damages in a class action suit involving "diminished value" for automobiles after accidents. The class of plaintiffs included 387,000 Allstate policyholders from 32 states. Claiming damages of $300 million to $430 million, counsel for the class argued that Allstate was obligated to pay not only for repairs, but for any value the cars had lost as a result of the accidents even after repairs had been completed.

Analysis Group critiqued the methodology by which the plaintiffs' expert witness arrived at his damages assessment and assisted counsel in preparing for the plaintiffs' expert witness deposition and trial testimony. We conducted technical analyses of multiple data sets developed by the plaintiffs for their damages analysis; statistical regression developed by the plaintiffs' expert; and use of the regression analysis in the development of the plaintiffs' damages estimates.

After three weeks of trial, the jury rejected the plaintiffs' damages claims, found no liability for Allstate, and awarded no damages.

Counsel for Allstate included the law firms of Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal LLP and Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP. Managing Principal Bruce Deal led the Analysis Group team.

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