Health Care Economics and Reimbursement Strategy

Analysis Group has a well-established practice in the area of health care economics and outcomes research, performing analyses, giving presentations, and publishing papers around the world. Particularly with the recent changes in the US health care reimbursement landscape, our clients have sought strategic assistance in determining where and how health economic proof can contribute to growth.

With a major global pharmaceutical company, Analysis Group has played an instrumental role in the strategy to move beyond an initial niche indication to make the product a multibillion-dollar blockbuster. Establishing the economic outcomes case for why this more expensive therapy should be used in a broader range of circumstances has been a critical aspect of the growth strategy for this product.

A client with an advanced medical device technology operated in a niche market but sought to expand into a much broader market of less severely ill patients. Expanding use of the therapy would require making outcomes-based health economic arguments to referring physicians, medical associations, payers, patients, and other stakeholders.

Analysis Group worked with this client to establish a new health outcomes organization and develop a strategy for taking a leadership role in building the health economic case for its therapy. The organization is on track to receive first US approval for the broader indication and simultaneous endorsements from medical associations and key payer bodies.