Pharmaceutical Off-Label Promotion & Kickbacks Settlements

Analysis Group assisted counsel on numerous recent high-profile settlements with United States Attorneys Offices (USAOs) around the country on cases in which off-label promotion were alleged. We worked with counsel to quantify the extent of off-label prescribing and/or alleged kickbacks and to assess the causal connection between the alleged conduct and sales. In assessing the magnitude of these claims, we built flexible models that consider a variety of alternative scenarios, and presented our damages findings to USAOs. Analysis Group Managing Principals Paul Greenberg, Richard Mortimer, Crystal Pike, and Dov Rothman have made presentations to USAOs, and have worked with a case leadership team including Principal David Mishol and Vice Presidents Andree-Anne FournierPavel Darling, Brad Rice, Tamar SisitskyKenneth Weinstein, and Mihran Yenikomshian.