Pavel Darling

Managing Principal
Pavel Darling



M.B.A., MIT Sloan School of Management; B.A., economics, Middlebury College

Summary of Experience

Mr. Darling consults to clients and provides expert testimony to address litigation, strategy, regulatory, and policy questions in a wide range of antitrust and competition, class certification, health care, energy, and environmental matters. He has submitted and supported expert testimony before US district and appellate courts, state utility commissions, siting boards, and federal agencies. He has also assisted clients with responses to government investigations and presented findings before US Attorneys’ Offices, state attorneys general, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

In the areas of health care and antitrust, Mr. Darling has extensive experience supporting clients on issues related to discovery and data production, class certification, patent infringement, market definition and market power, and competitive effects in pharmaceutical and life sciences matters involving patent infringement issues, reverse payment settlements, and product hop allegations. He has also designed and implemented customized suspicious order monitoring (SOM) and loss prevention programs for controlled substances, and has experience in False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute litigation cases, including analyses of causation and damages calculations.

Mr. Darling is also an expert on electricity, oil, and natural gas pricing, markets, and infrastructure. His consulting work on behalf of utilities, state and regional organizations, and global companies includes projects related to cost/benefit analyses of new plant construction and retirements; ratepayer and bill impacts; environmental effects of emissions and pollution controls; economic impacts of energy projects, mergers, and policies; natural gas, biomass, and other market studies; and climate change matters including decarbonization policy proposals and quantification of the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. He has conducted and overseen numerous economic and bill impact assessments in support of projects and policy proposals, ranging from new power plants and transportation facilities to electric, petroleum, and natural gas transmission infrastructure.

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