Pricing and Positioning of Complex Consumer Products

Analysis Group worked with a major American automobile manufacturer to evaluate and quantify consumer preferences for automobiles. We worked closely with the client to address the complex decision process involved in a consumer car purchase, as well as the manufacturer's multi-year, multi-team development process. This project required both an accurate modeling of consumer decisions and preferences through market research and an efficient delivery of specific and complex data to product planners and management in an easy-to-understand format. 

Seeking a long-term approach to the integration of automobile-related preference data into management decisions, Analysis Group developed and implemented a comprehensive market research process involving market research suppliers, product planners, and management. The data from this process feed into an interactive tool, which can display price curves for hundreds of features and feature bundles at the click of a button. Due to its powerful data and intuitive presentation of information, this project has a wide range of applications related to complex consumer decision making.

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