Qualcomm Inc. v. Apple Inc. (patent infringement)

Analysis Group was retained on behalf of Qualcomm in a patent dispute with Apple. Qualcomm alleged that Apple had sold millions of iPhones containing technology that infringed on Qualcomm’s patents, including technologies that improve battery efficiency.

An Analysis Group team led by Managing Principal T. Christopher Borek and Vice President John Browning supported academic affiliate Jeffrey Prince, who conducted a conjoint survey to estimate the value to consumers of additional battery life in a smartphone. Based in part on Professor Prince’s findings, it was determined that a reasonable royalty of $1.40 per phone was warranted, resulting in damages of approximately $31 million.

A jury of the US District Court for the Northern District of California found that Apple had infringed on Qualcomm’s patents, and awarded Qualcomm the full amount of damages sought.

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