John M. Browning

Vice President

John M. Browning

Washington, DC


M.A. and Ph.D. candidate, economics, The University of Chicago; B.A., economics, McGill University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Browning is an economist who specializes in applying microeconomic and statistical techniques for economic analyses and damages matters. His recent case work has included analyses of demand drivers, evaluations of survey evidence, and investigations into the appropriateness of permanent injunctions in patent disputes involving multi-function products. Mr. Browning has also designed and implemented economic studies that have examined the profitability of online advertising, evaluated the impacts of the bundling of cable programming, valued essential and non-essential telecommunications patents, and assessed best efforts in distribution contracts. He has assisted experts in developing expert testimony for multiple patent infringement, class certification, breach of contract, and antitrust matters, and has evaluated opposing experts' damages analyses and surveys. Mr. Browning has also provided assistance to attorneys on all phases of pretrial and trial practice, including assisting with the development and review of pretrial discovery and fact witness depositions. Mr. Browning has presented on intellectual property damages, economic analysis in patent litigation, and licensing in the presence of technological standards before legal audiences such as the Licensing Executives Society and the Wisconsin Intellectual Property Association. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Browning taught microeconomics courses at The University of Chicago.