Slaughter v. Kohl

After only three hours of deliberation following a three-week trial, a California jury reached a verdict in favor of Analysis Group client Jerry Kohl on all counts in a commercial contract dispute. At issue was Mr. Kohl's contractual obligation to former business associate Steven Slaughter after the two built a well-known and successful retail store chain, which was wholly owned by Mr. Kohl and managed by Mr. Slaughter.

Mr. Kohl financed the venture and compensated Mr. Slaughter with 50 percent of the net profits of the business after repayment of certain debts. In his suit, Mr. Slaughter alleged that he also was entitled to 50 percent of the increased value of the business when his services to the business terminated.

Managing Principal Jeffrey H. Kinrich, supported by Vice President Mike Nguyen, was deposed and testified at trial about the definition of net profits under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Mr. Kinrich also rebutted the plaintiff's expert's valuation of the appreciation in the business during Mr. Kohl's and Mr. Slaughter's relationship.

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