Uniloc USA, Inc., Uniloc Luxembourg S.A., Uniloc 2017 LLC, v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Analysis Group was retained by Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (collectively, Samsung), the defendants in a case in which Uniloc USA, Inc., Uniloc Luxembourg S.A., and Uniloc 2017 LLC (collectively, Uniloc) claimed infringement of a patent related to the use of motion sensors in mobile and wearable devices.

An Analysis Group team led by Vice President Andrew Clarke provided support to Principal Robert L. Vigil in his preparation of an expert report and associated deposition testimony regarding reasonable royalty damages for Samsung’s alleged infringement of the patent-in-suit. Dr. Vigil based his reasonable royalty estimate on consideration of such factors as the original purchase price for Uniloc’s patent portfolio; the relative contribution of the patent-in-suit to the accused products; and Samsung’s ability to design around the patent-at-issue and offer products that do not utilize the patented technology. Dr. Vigil also critiqued the methodologies and results of the damages estimates prepared by Uniloc’s expert.

The case was dismissed with prejudice following an order to strike certain opinions of Uniloc’s damages expert.

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