Vitamins Antitrust Litigation

Analysis Group assisted a group of law firms representing large vitamin manufacturers in multiple federal and state lawsuits brought by direct and indirect purchasers of vitamin products. In the direct purchaser litigations, the Analysis Group team developed pricing models to compute "but-for" prices for bulk vitamin products. In the indirect purchaser litigations, the team supported several experts in evaluating class certification issues and calculating potential damages to plaintiffs. Among the experts were academic affiliate and MIT professor Robert Pindyck, who filed an expert report, and an animal nutrition expert who advised on the interpretation of animal feed labels and the extent to which livestock producers could adjust the formula of their vitamin-containing feed in response to changes in the price of vitamins.

The Analysis Group team applied advanced econometric models to transactional and aggregate data to assess pass-through along complex supply chains. The team included President Pierre Cremieux, Managing Principals Adam Decter and Patrick Lefebvre, Affiliate George Kosicki, and Senior Advisor Tamar Sisitsky.