The cost-effectiveness of low-dose budesonide as a Step 2 treatment for pediatric asthma in China

Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, 2020


To compare the cost-effectiveness of low-dose budesonide versus montelukast among patients aged 1-5 years from a Chinese patient and healthcare payer perspective. 

Materials & methods

A Markov model based on exacerbation states was developed. Exacerbation was defined as the need for rescue therapy (mild exacerbation) or hoscopitalization (moderate-to-severe exacerbation). Inputs including efficacy (i.e., exacerbation rates), mortality, utilities, costs and treatment adherence were obtained from literature. 


Compared with montelukast, low-dose budesonide led to fewer exacerbation events (1.44 vs 2.15), lower costs (¥3675 vs 4130) and slightly more quality-adjusted life years (0.974 vs 0.967) over 1 year. 


These findings may improve the use of low-dose budesonide, an economically and clinically preferable treatment to montelukast in pediatric patients.

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Wang X, Fang H, Shen K, Liu T, Xie J, Liu Y, Zhong J, Wu E, Zhou W, Wu B