Eric Q. Wu

Managing Principal
Eric Q. Wu


Ph.D., pharmacoeconomics and policy, M.S., health care regulation and law, and M.A., economics, University of Southern California; B.S., Peking University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Wu is a health economist with expertise in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), market access, and scientific evidence strategy. He has conducted research in more than 30 countries on behalf of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, payers, providers, and government agencies. Dr. Wu has contributed to over 200 publications across dozens of therapeutic areas, including regenerative therapies (gene and stem cell), rare and ultra-rare diseases, biologics, and immuno-oncology.

Dr. Wu spends a significant portion of his practice developing new scientific methods to address challenges in health care research. He has developed client-focused solutions based on the use of artificial intelligence (AI), medical big data, real-world evidence, and innovative comparative-effectiveness research methodologies.

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