Managing Principal, Chicago

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I absolutely enjoy interacting with case team members, both within the Chicago office and from other offices. Working jointly toward the same goal fosters a community feel and group sense of pride in our work that is very rewarding. On a personal level, I find a lot of value and satisfaction in collaborating with our external experts and working with the top minds in academia and industry to solve complex questions.
What skills are vital to succeed at Analysis Group?
Outside of the basic fundamental skills, it is important to have strong communication skills and the ability to clearly convey difficult concepts in an intellectual way to a broad spectrum of audiences. My experiences from working at Analysis Group have further developed my written communication skills and enhanced my public speaking and presentation style for the better.
What made you choose Analysis Group over other opportunities?
I joined Analysis Group because I saw a clear and direct path for my professional development at the firm. I could see myself remaining at the firm for rest of my career and knew I would be able to continually leverage my skills and hone my practice. Perhaps more importantly, I saw an opportunity to continue learning and to help mentor younger colleagues.
What has your experience been like helping build the Chicago practice?
As one of the founding consultants of the Chicago office, I’ve had the unique opportunity of knowingly throwing myself into the deep end of the pool. During the initial phases of the office’s development, I had to balance client work with many of the administrative needs of a new office: from interviewing recruits to being the lead engineer when the copier breaks. It’s allowed me to assess business from an entrepreneurial stance, but has been a most gratifying experience. It’s been busy, it’s been hectic, but it’s definitely a highlight in my career thus far.
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Andrew  Wong

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