David G.

Vice President, Chicago

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I chose Analysis Group because of the firm’s dedication to solving complex problems with a high level of rigor, its commitment to developing employees’ skills, and the variety of projects I could work on. It was important for me to be in an environment that would continue to challenge me and provide an opportunity for continued growth as a researcher and project leader.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
I enjoy knowing that our work has an important impact on case outcomes. We often work on projects that involve high-profile events or companies, and hearing about the results of our cases in the news is exciting. One challenge has been learning how to transition from being heavily involved in certain analyses to being, at times, more of a project manager, focusing on the big picture and overseeing analyses.
Have you worked with any affiliates or experts? What was that experience like?
Case leaders have provided me with many opportunities to have direct interactions with experts, including leading conference calls to discuss analyses and attending meetings to help prepare our experts for deposition. This has been intellectually stimulating because they are specialists in their respective fields and are often well-known academic leaders. Given this close interaction, it can feel like the expert is a core member of the case team.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
During my Ph.D. program I typically worked on only one research project at a time. My research was primarily directed by my own interests, but also required significant time and effort searching for data to analyze. While in one respect life at Analysis Group is similar to grad school since I’m still learning something new each day, the nature of the work is more fast-paced; I typically work on multiple projects simultaneously. Our clients also work with us to collect and identify relevant data and documents to assist in our analysis, which allows us to spend more time focusing on the conceptual merits of each case.
What do you think about Analysis Group’s collaborative culture?
Collaboration is central to all of the work we do at Analysis Group. It makes for a great work environment where each case team member has the opportunity to make important contributions. In addition to collaboration within individual case teams, the firm’s many offices also work together, so even if the Chicago office doesn’t have current projects in a certain practice area, there are still opportunities for me to work in those areas.
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David G. Glick

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