Vice President, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
The type of work we do is interesting and fast-paced, and it lets me apply the economic tools I learned about in graduate school to real-world problems.
What do you work on?
I’ve mainly worked on antitrust cases in various industries, including health care, agriculture, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and financial institutions. I’ve also worked on commercial disputes and intellectual property cases. With every new case, I get to spend time learning the details of a new industry.
What has it been like to work with experts?
All the experts I’ve worked with valued my input, exchanged ideas with me, and asked a lot of detailed questions about the data or analyses we had worked on. These interactions were definitely intellectually stimulating.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
The biggest difference is that here, I work in teams and can always talk to people if I feel stuck or just need to brainstorm. There’s also a lot more structure to the work we do (in terms of both content and deadlines) compared to working on an open-ended research question as a graduate student.
What is it like to work in your office?
Two great things about working in Boston are the many people and the wide array of cases and projects that come through the office. I get to collaborate with and learn from a group of very smart people, and gain a diversity of experiences regarding consulting roles and industries.
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Ishita Rajani

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