Senior Analyst, London

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I was initially attracted to economic consulting in litigation contexts. I chose Analysis Group because it offered the learning opportunities I was looking for: I wanted to learn more about competition and antitrust while also having the possibility to explore a variety of other practice areas (commercial litigation, finance, etc.) and industries.

Analysis Group also stood out to me as a company that fosters an intellectually stimulating environment, and that invests time and resources in the professional development of its people. I was further convinced by Analysis Group’s people, who are very supportive and friendly and create a collegial atmosphere that makes work more fun.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
I enjoy the inquisitive nature of the job: I like to feel like I’m a detective trying to solve a puzzle. I also enjoy the intellectual battle going on in litigation; it pushes me to think about arguments on both sides of the dispute.

Getting to know various industries also makes me understand better the world I live in – for instance, how a vaccine is manufactured and sold, how water is managed, how retailers organize their distribution logistics. Additionally, the variety of tasks we perform keeps me energized and motivated, and I get the chance to work on various projects without the need to specialize just yet.

What I find most challenging is the highly unpredictable nature of certain projects, which sometimes results in unexpected deadlines and rush hours. In these more stressful moments, it has been great to work with supportive teams.
What new skills have you learned since joining Analysis Group?
I was completely new to coding and have learned to use R from scratch; I now code regularly and am enjoying leveraging the power of programming for data analysis. I’ve also learned about communicating with clients.

By joining Analysis Group at the very start of the pandemic and in a new country, I’ve learned a lot about adaptability and resilience, as well as how to connect and build relationships with colleagues remotely.
What is it like to work on a case team?
It’s great, and a real resource for learning! I’ve worked on both small and larger teams, and enjoyed both. Team members often have complementary competencies, strengths, and development objectives; as such, they bring a variety of ideas to the table, and everyone can contribute to different aspects of the case. There’s also a lot of discussion in a case team. Ultimately, this makes us feel more confident about the directions taken as a team because several options have been considered and challenged beforehand. I know the team has my back and I’m more than happy to have my colleagues’ backs too.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
The London office is a smaller, growing office with a family culture that we share with other European offices. We tend to know each other well – I have had the chance to speak to everyone here despite having spent limited time in the actual office. We like to gather for after-work events in the heart of London, and we enjoy a good competition (Halloween pumpkin carving, fancy dress, baking, etc.).

The London office is truly beautiful and spacious, and the view over the city of London is stunning, rain or shine.
How do you find a suitable work/life balance?
I’ve learned that regular and honest communication within case teams is key to ensuring that everyone can have some time off to recharge when needed. As a senior colleague once put it to me: To be happy in consulting, one should enjoy the slow times when they come so as to be ready and motivated for the busy times.

Practicing sports really helps me relieve stress and improve my focus. I try to schedule time for sports and other activities in my calendar so as to budget time to disconnect and take my mind off work. I am training for 400m and 400m hurdle races, and am looking to participate in a bike race this year. I also enjoy Cuban salsa dancing, and I cook and bake regularly.
Jeanne Vellard

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