Manager, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I was drawn to AG for several reasons, including the firm’s rigorous and creative approach to solving a wide range of real-world problems, opportunities to work with respected academic affiliates, and the collaborative, hardworking, and friendly culture.
What do you work on at Analysis Group?
At AG I’ve been able to work on diverse projects, including a health care litigation matter in which I provided regulatory and strategic consulting on drug registration and real-world evidence generation. I have been able to apply my epidemiology and environmental health sciences background to projects addressing climate and health policy at the global scale.
Have you worked with any affiliates/experts? What was that experience like?
One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at AG was serving as a panelist on a mock Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee meeting with a renowned epidemiologist. It was intellectually enriching, and a valuable professional development experience to collaborate with such an eminent scientist.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
AG reminds me a lot of what I appreciated most about grad school: the application of precise, innovative statistical methods to complex projects in a collegial environment.
What do you think of the case team dynamic?
I appreciate the inquisitive and collaborative nature of case teams at AG. I am continually impressed by the thoughtfulness of my colleagues and the diversity of training they bring to the intricate problems we solve.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I hold a visiting scientist appointment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where I conduct environmental epidemiology research using causal inference methods. I also contribute as a teaching fellow to several epidemiology courses at Harvard University. Besides my academic endeavors, I am passionate about traveling, philanthropy in my homeland of Nigeria, debating any and all topics with my husband, and binge-watching Korean dramas.
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Kalé Kponee-Shovein

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