Data Visualization, Real-Time Analyses & Interactive Platforms

Analysis Group continually develops user-friendly applications of data science tools and techniques on behalf of our clients. We also understand the critical importance of speed and transparency. Substantial value can often be derived from gaining swift and actionable insights from data.

Our data scientists go beyond traditional analytics. Extracted knowledge and insights from the data are often used to generate more accurate and powerful predictive models. Our goal is to provide data that is visualized in a transparent, easy to understand way, so that our clients can harness this information to conduct real-time analyses and make informed, strategic choices.

Recent examples of our user-friendly applications of data science include:

  • Creating custom analytics and dashboards that help companies develop effective controls against the diversion of controlled substances such as opioid drugs
  • Developing interactive platforms and web apps to help clients manage their own data-intensive projects and metrics
  • Compiling and managing large, complex datasets using proprietary client data as well as data from a variety of third-party data sources