Vice President, Boston

Why did you choose to join Analysis Group?
I originally joined Analysis Group as an analyst shortly after graduating from Middlebury College. I chose Analysis Group because of the firm’s emphasis on academic rigor, intellectual honesty, and collaborative work. Everyone with whom I met during the interview process was engaging and friendly and made it very easy for me to envision working with them. I left the firm after a few years to pursue my M.B.A. at MIT Sloan School of Management, and decided to rejoin Analysis Group after earning my degree because I couldn’t imagine continuing my career anyplace else.
What has your work involved at Analysis Group?
I work on finance litigation cases primarily involving securities class actions and bankruptcy-related litigations. I have collaborated closely with several academic affiliates. Working with thought leaders in their respective fields is one of the best aspects of working at Analysis Group. The frequent interaction and collaboration we have with academic experts makes each case feel like a mini–graduate program in the issues relevant to the particular matter. When I was an analyst, I accompanied an academic expert to trial in Houston. Watching his trial testimony brought to life the analytics on which we had been working for several months. I loved that I was at a firm where the senior management had the confidence in me, regardless of my level and title, to let me attend the trial.
What advice would you give to new staff joining the firm?
I would advise new staff to be patient and to take every opportunity to learn from their colleagues. I would also encourage them to develop relationships with their peer mentors, their advisors, and their case team members. My mentors, both formal and informal, have helped me in so many ways during my time at Analysis Group, and I wish the same for all new hires at the firm.
How do you manage to have a suitable work/life balance?
I get in to the office early, and unless I have a meeting that prevents it, I make an effort to get home for dinner with my family. Laptops and the ability to securely access the firm’s networks remotely allow me to work from home in the evenings if needed, rather than physically being in the office. When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family, including our five-year-old son, eight-month-old daughter, and ever-growing number of nieces and nephews.