The analyst position is an entry-level, full-time role for in-house consultant candidates with undergraduate research experience. Analysts play an integral role on our case teams. They are exposed to multiple projects at a time across a broad range of practice areas and industries.

Our generalist analysts work on litigation, regulatory, M&A, and other legal-related matters with Analysis Group colleagues, professors from leading institutions, counsel from premier law firms, and corporate and government clients. From the inception of a legal matter through its resolution, analysts contribute at every stage. Our health care analysts – who are staffed to our HEOR, Epidemiology & Market Access practice – develop deep experience in life science fields, publish in top journals, work closely with our in-house health care experts, and have opportunities to work with teams from leading pharmaceutical companies.

Analysis Group fosters an academically oriented work environment with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration across multiple areas of expertise. To learn more about the role of a consultant at Analysis Group, visit our What Is Economic Consulting? page. Analysis Group also hires summer interns who work with our case teams. To learn more about the summer analyst intern experience, please visit the Summer Analyst Intern page.

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Our ideal candidates are intellectually curious people with a proven record of excellent academic achievement. They are interested in applying quantitative methods to real-world research problems. Successful analysts have strong interpersonal and communication skills. They are committed to teamwork and collaborative problem solving, and aspire to continuous learning and professional development.

We hire two types of analysts:

  • Generalist analysts are staffed to a case when they join Analysis Group. As they gain experience, they may choose to continue their work within one practice or to work across a variety of practices. We seek candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, economics, finance, mathematics, statistics, or related subjects.
  • Health care analysts are staffed to our HEOR, Epidemiology & Market Access practice, and they develop deep experience in life science fields. We seek candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in biostatistics, economics, epidemiology, health economics, health policy, mathematics, public health, statistics, or related subjects who are interested in specializing in work related to the life sciences.

We invite you to explore the sections below to learn more about analysts’ responsibilities and opportunities at Analysis Group, including pathways to graduate school.

  • Analyzing economic, financial, and health care data
  • Using algorithms and statistical programming in Java, Python, R, SAS, Stata, VBA, and other programs
  • Analyzing data with statistical methods and analytical tools including econometric estimation of models, survival analysis, and machine learning
  • Creating dynamic visualizations to rapidly explore data and models
  • Examining market and industry behavior through targeted research
  • Reviewing and summarizing external reports and client documents
  • Participating in meetings with academic experts and case team members
  • Assisting in the preparation of expert reports and other client deliverables
  • For health care specialists: Conducting a range of health care economics analyses such as treatment patterns and outcomes, comparative effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and budget impact

From rich orientation programming to mentoring from advisors and experienced consultants and Analysis Group University (AGU) courses and trainings, every analyst has an array of opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. The firm also offers LinkedIn Learning courses and certifications to help analysts develop their skills.

AG Orientation: All new full-time employees attend an annual orientation in Boston. Orientation features speeches from senior staff, small group discussions, and social events. New employees return to work with a greater understanding of our history, work, culture, and people, as well as an expanded network of peers and resources to help them succeed at our firm.

Analytical and Coding Skills Coursework: We provide analysts with extensive training in the core analytical skills critical to their case work. This coursework strengthens analysts’ understanding of the firm’s best practices in Excel and in SAS, Stata, R, VBA, and Python coding.

Analyst Forum: Analysts entering their third year at Analysis Group attend the Analyst Forum leadership development program. The Forum provides them with a better understanding of how they can evolve their roles at Analysis Group, capitalize on learning and growth opportunities, and plan a successful and satisfying career path.

Grad School Workshops: We require analysts without a graduate degree who seek a long-term career with Analysis Group to complete a course of graduate study, and we provide support for analysts who apply to graduate school. Our year-long series of workshops helps tenured analysts navigate the graduate school application process. We provide group workshops and individualized assistance with applications; access to resources, information, and advice; and financial support and opportunities for part-time graduate school sponsorship for strong performers.

Opportunities for Advancement

All analysts have many opportunities to hone their analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills. These opportunities include leading trainings, participating in recruiting and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, mentoring new analysts and interns, and onboarding new people onto case teams. You don’t need coding experience to be an analyst with us. We provide training opportunities, including courses in Python and R programming. You will also have an advisor who can help set you up with mentors.

Analysts without a graduate degree who wish to seek promotion to the associate level must earn an advanced degree. We provide extensive support to analysts who apply to graduate school, including our year-long Grad School Workshop program, as well as the option to work for us part time while you earn your degree. We provide group workshops and individualized assistance with applications; access to resources, information, and advice; and financial support for strong performers. See the Career Path section for more details.

Many analysts also develop leadership and case management skills by doing pro bono case work. Please see our Pro Bono at Analysis Group page for details.

To learn more about the advancement track at Analysis Group, please visit our Career Path page. To learn about career paths our consultants have taken, please visit Our People to read about the personal experiences of various Analysis Group team consultants and administrative professionals.

The Review Process

Everyone at Analysis Group has a hand in helping peers and colleagues grow and develop in their careers. The firm takes the annual performance review process very seriously. Supporting each other in our long-term development is central to our continued success.

Every fall, as part of the review process, we reflect on all aspects of each employee’s performance. This includes case work, project contributions, and firm- and community-building contributions such as advising, leading firm initiatives, and mentoring. We find that our review process contributes enormously to the cohesive, collaborative, and principled environment that makes our employees take such pride in our firm.

Analysis Group has an internal labor market. You will be placed on a case team when you join. From there, you can build connections and find new case work based on your interests, supported by our staffing coordinators. Some generalist analysts work primarily within one practice. Other generalists choose to gain their experience across a variety of practices and case types. Health care analysts will gain deep expertise in the life science fields and are able to explore treatment areas across our HEOR, Epidemiology & Market Access practice.

You will work with more than just your own cohort at Analysis Group. You will have plenty of opportunities to work with other analysts and associates, but you will also interact with senior staff, law firms, industry leaders, and experts within the field.

Case Examples

Even in their first season with Analysis Group, analysts become important contributing members of their teams. Many work on litigation cases. Explore our cases to see examples of Analysis Group’s work. If you wish, you can narrow your search by any of our practice areas.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

We believe that a diverse workforce directly supports our goal to provide the highest-quality work, and that equity and inclusion are necessary to unlock the power of that diversity. This drives our commitment to strong talent and business practices that provide richer opportunities to people of all backgrounds, including all sexual orientations, genders, gender identities and expressions, races, colors, ethnicities, national origins, mental and physical abilities and characteristics, ages, socioeconomic statuses, religions, and veteran statuses. Our collaborative and people- and learning-oriented culture helps ensure that employees from all backgrounds can contribute fully and meaningfully, and bring their full selves to work each and every day. Additionally, we are committed to social impact initiatives that connect our expertise with worthy causes beyond the firm.

To learn more about our affinity groups, as well as our DE&I approach and initiatives at our firm, please view our DE&I at Analysis Group page.


The health and wellness of our employees underpin our benefits offerings, and we aim for our benefits and wellness programs to be holistic and inclusive. We offer a variety of medical, dental, and vision coverage options; financial support programs; fitness and cell phone reimbursement; and much more.

Visit our Benefits page for a full list of our offerings. For answers to specific questions about benefits, please contact our Recruiting department at

Pro Bono Work

We use our analytical expertise, intellectual rigor, and collaborative thinking to generate relevant insights in our pro bono partnerships. We work with nonprofit, governmental, and academic organizations, and support law firms in pro bono legal matters. Our pro bono cases have made significant and lasting improvements to a wide range of clients, constituencies, and communities, including unhoused and incarcerated people, children in low-income school districts, people in developing countries with inadequate health care, and nonprofits in need of funding, among many others. Many of our pro bono projects are led by analysts.

To learn more about our pro bono initiatives, please see the Pro Bono at Analysis Group page for details.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about joining Analysis Group. Additional answers are available on our FAQ page.

How should I apply?
Please complete our online application and include a resume or CV, a cover letter indicating your geographic preference(s), and your unofficial transcript(s). To be considered for multiple office locations, please list your geographic preferences in your cover letter as well as in the online application.

I have a master’s degree. Should I apply for the analyst or associate position?
If you have a master’s degree and at least four years of relevant work experience or an M.B.A. degree, please apply to the associate position. If you have a master’s degree and fewer than four years of experience, please apply to the analyst role.

When should I submit my application?
Analysis Group accepts applications at any time. Our primary recruiting cycle for full-time opportunities begins in September and concludes in March. Please check the relevant job posting for any specific deadlines.

What is the interview process like? How many interviews should I expect?
We hold two rounds of interviews. The first round is typically held virtually. The second round is held at the office location for which the candidate is interviewing. It involves a series of interviews conducted by our consultants. Interviews cover a mix of behavioral, teamwork, and analytical topics.

Does Analysis Group follow a hybrid work model? Does it allow the flexibility to work fully remotely?
Being together in the office allows us to take an active part in the exceptional collaboration, mentorship, networking, and cultural cohesion that makes Analysis Group such a special place. Working together in person fosters greater career growth and allows us to support each other more fully as well. As a result, we believe it is best for employees to work together in the office most of the time. We also know that flexibility and the ability to work remotely some of the time is important to many of us. Most of our employees can be successful while working in the office at least three days a week and working remotely one or two days a week much of the time.

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How to Apply

Please note that the analyst role is equivalent to the research professional role in Montreal.

Please submit your online application, resume, cover letter indicating your geographic preference(s), and unofficial transcript(s) via the Apply button below by the deadline indicated in the relevant job posting. If no deadline is listed, we will review applications on a rolling basis.


We welcome your questions. Please feel free to contact us at analyst.recruiter​@​​


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