Vice President, Denver

Why did you choose to join Analysis Group?
After graduating from college, I worked at a law firm in Boston for two years while deciding whether I wanted to attend law school, but I realized that I was more interested in answering the economic and statistical questions associated with litigation rather than the legal theories behind the arguments. I knew I would not be happy as an attorney, so I pursued my M.B.A. to improve my technical skills. Upon graduation, I sought out firms in economic consulting, and Analysis Group was by far my first choice due to its reputation in both the legal and academic worlds, as well as its culture.
What do you find most enjoyable about your work?
I enjoy the case-based nature of our work because it is challenging and allows me to work on several interesting projects. I work primarily in finance on cases involving mortgage-backed securities, and I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about economics, statistics, and applied finance while supporting experts. Due to the case-based nature of our work, I have had the opportunity to use various skills supporting those experts, including quantitative analysis, research, and writing. I also enjoy working with my colleagues and academic experts, who are constantly striving to produce a high-quality work product.
What has been the high point of your career?
I worked on a case team where I was involved in every aspect of supporting the expert – from helping to develop the outline of his report to helping him prepare for deposition. I was also able to meet with counsel and spearhead the preparation of our expert for his deposition. I am also proud of the fact that I suggested a particular analysis that helped quantify an argument that the expert wanted to make and that the client found very compelling.
What do you think of Analysis Group’s collaborative culture?
I think the firm’s flat organizational structure makes our day-to-day jobs very collaborative. We are encouraged to work together and to foster the development of other team members. As a manager, I work with analysts to make sure that they are constantly learning and taking on new responsibilities, and my case managers do the same for me. I think that this type of culture creates a better work product because we are all striving to perform our best.
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Lauren  Hunt

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