CEO and Chairman, Boston

What was your path to Analysis Group?
My education and training are in finance, economics, and law, and I began my professional career with five years as a trial attorney. As the daughter and daughter-in-law of well-known economists, I ultimately became more interested in economics and went back to school for training in business and economics. Economic consulting proved to be a strong fit for my experience and interests, and was also a career path where I could have a more flexible schedule. This was important to me after business school, since I then had two young children.
What do you work on?
A lot of my work centers on the direction of economic analyses for large-scale litigations with many experts. Many of these cases involve issues of competition and pricing, derivatives and other securities, and class actions. I’ve also worked with a number of mutual funds, boards, and regulators and have served as an expert in many phases of litigation, such as the development of economic and financial models, preparation of testimony and pretrial discovery, and the critique of economic and financial analyses of opposing experts.
What do you enjoy about the field of economic consulting?
Trying to solve the problems clients bring us, which are varied and complex. Client needs drive our research and determine our approach – and call for highly customized and creative solutions. I personally enjoy coordinating the support of multiple academics in very large litigations for clients such as Microsoft and MasterCard. Seeing the components come together is incredibly fulfilling, and I learn so much from the academics and my colleagues.
What sets Analysis Group apart?
Analysis Group’s business model is unique in the world of economic consulting. While many of our competitors rely either on external academics or on internal staff as potential experts, we draw on experts both within the firm and in our affiliate network. Our research and analyses are augmented by frequently pairing with affiliates, from well-known deans and professors from academia to experienced industry thought leaders. We also try to maintain an inclusive, collaborative, and flexible culture. We trust people to do what’s right and emphasize individual professional development and growth – and that makes for a really supportive and enjoyable work environment.
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Martha  Samuelson

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