Vice President, Washington, DC

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I was an associate intern in our Boston office for a summer during graduate school. After graduation, I decided to join Analysis Group full-time because I had really enjoyed the highly collaborative environment and was also looking forward to the opportunity to work on varied, challenging, fast-paced, and impactful cases.
What do you work on at AG?
Much of my case work focuses on antitrust litigation. For example, I’ve worked on matters dealing with the competitive effects of health insurer or provider mergers. I’ve also performed analyses related to monopoly power, monopsony power, price-fixing, and other allegations of anticompetitive conduct. In addition to my antitrust work, I’ve worked on cases in a variety of practice areas, including health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and commercial disputes.
What do you think of the case team dynamic?
The team-oriented nature of our work is particularly appealing to me. Our teams usually consist of a mix of analysts (who typically have a bachelor’s or master’s degree), associates (who have a Ph.D. or M.B.A), and more senior staff. This variety of backgrounds allows for division of labor, freshness of perspectives, and opportunities to both provide and receive mentoring on a case team. Successful collaboration is based on trust, which I try to build over time by consistently striving to do my best work, no matter the task, and by paying attention to team members’ interests, strengths, and development.
What do you enjoy most about your work?
One of my favorite aspects of working at Analysis Group is collaborating closely with colleagues who are engaged, thoughtful, and generous about sharing their knowledge and experiences. Also, for me, it feels particularly rewarding to provide guidance and feedback to more junior colleagues and witness their development over time. For example, I’ve served as an advisor (to analysts) and peer mentor (to associates), and I enjoy working with analysts who participate in Analysis Group’s Graduate School Admissions Workshops. I am also a big fan of Analysis Group’s flexible staffing model, which gives me ample opportunity to shape the course of my career. This flexibility can sometimes pose challenges, though, especially for newer staff. It requires being proactive, deliberate, and decisive about pursuing the type of work that best fits your interests and strengths. In addition, it’s really important to be realistic and clear in communicating about your various priorities, so that you can balance new opportunities with preexisting commitments.
What advice would you give to new staff joining Analysis Group?
I think it’s natural for many new staff to wonder about career progression and how to take on more responsibility right away. However, I would advise focusing less on these issues at the beginning and instead really taking the time to learn the ropes and focusing on doing each task well, even if it is initially not as glamorous as you’d hoped. Consistently strong work will earn you trust and naturally bring more opportunities to grow.
How do you build a career at Analysis Group?
Analysis Group has this very unique staffing flexibility. It combines a self-driven “internal labor market” with guidance from staffing coordinators and advisors, as needed. Because you can chart your own course, you’re able to make strategic career decisions focused on your personal strengths and interests. For instance, you can decide which case teams to join, how to strike a balance between intense and relaxed periods at work, and whether to maintain a broad portfolio of case work or to specialize in one area. As your career matures, you may also have the option to pursue testifying opportunities as an expert witness, since Analysis Group cultivates a network of both internal and affiliate (i.e., academic) experts.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m currently enjoying visiting the numerous museums that DC has to offer, since I’m relatively new to DC. I also frequent the symphony, enjoy hiking, and like to try new restaurants throughout the DC area with friends and family.
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Yao Lu

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