John J. Richard

Fund Manager, Securities Consultant
John J. Richard


M.B.A., Babson College; B.A., economics, College of the Holy Cross 

Summary of Experience

Mr. Richard has more than 20 years of experience in institutional money management. He was a founder of Taurus Horizon Fund, where he was a managing partner and fund manager for the strategy. Previously, he served at State Street Global Advisors as a senior fixed-income portfolio manager. The assets under his management exceeded $15 billion dollars. Mr. Richard's investment expertise spans a variety of security types, including unsecured corporate credit and securitized structures (such as ABS, MBS, CMBS, and CDO). Over his career, Mr. Richard has also taken an active role in trading securities and performing due-diligence credit work on underlying collateral.

Mr. Richard has provided expert reports, rebuttal reports, deposition testimony, and trial testimony in a number of securities-related cases, opining on issues related to valuation, portfolio manager due diligence, investment suitability, and market conditions, among others. He has served as an expert witness in securities litigation in which he analyzed structured investment vehicles (SIV) on behalf of a large investment bank, and has opined on issues related to the residential mortgage-backed security (RMBS) market. He has also provided consulting services on matters related to auction-rate securities and embedded swap agreements within structured finance instruments. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society.

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