K. Ramesh

Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Accounting, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University

K. Ramesh


Ph.D., business administration, Michigan State University; M.A., accounting, Washington State University

Summary of Experience

Professor Ramesh's academic research focuses on the capital market information environment; the role of accounting information in contracting and regulation; and financial information, disclosures, and valuation. His recent research examines the extent of voluntary disclosure of corporate accounting information, the information content of financial reports mandated by securities regulators, the role of newswires and data aggregators in disseminating corporate accounting information to different investors, the interplay between mandatory regulation and voluntary disclosures, and the information content of analyst recommendations. Professor Ramesh has also studied the valuation implications of fair value disclosures by bank holding companies, the determinants of banks' choice of accounting methods, and the design of credit agreements.

AG Contacts

Richard M. Starfield