Mark DeYong

Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations, PulseForge
Mark DeYong


Ph.D. and M.S., electrical engineering, New Mexico State University

Summary of Experience

Dr. DeYong has nearly three decades of experience in semiconductor supply chain management, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturing, component failure analysis, and design of qualification and test equipment for the electronics industry. He also has experience testifying as an expert witness on manufacturing and auditing issues in a product liability case. For the US Navy, Dr. DeYong managed large submarine communication network development projects. In other positions, he built ultra-high speed, compact, high-power circuit boards for telecommunications networks, and was responsible for new product launches, as well as for resolving complex manufacturing and design issues. Dr. DeYong has procured and managed electronics contract manufacturing services and run numerous audits of contract manufacturers. He has also led technology firms designing and selling test and inspection equipment for both the flat-panel display and the PCBA manufacturing industries. Previously, Dr. DeYong was the chief technology officer at Barchetta Investments, and chief scientist with Xtera Communications, a telecommunications equipment and service supplier, where he ran the engineering and manufacturing functions and managed the supply chain. Dr. DeYong holds multiple US patents and has published numerous articles in scholarly journals.

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