Stuart Madnick

John Norris Maguire Professor Emeritus of Information Technology, MIT Sloan School of Management; Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT School of Engineering
Stuart Madnick


Ph.D., computer science, and M.S., electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., MIT Sloan School of Management

Summary of Experience

Professor Madnick specializes in database technology, connectivity among disparate distributed information systems, software project management, and the strategic use of information technology (IT). He is an experienced expert witness and has provided testimony in numerous litigation matters, including multiple cases involving Microsoft. Professor Madnick has also consulted to several major corporations, including IBM, AT&T, and Citicorp. He is co-head of the Total Data Quality Management (TDQM) Program and founding director of MIT’s Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, also known as (IC)3. Professor Madnick was the principal investigator of a large-scale research effort funded by the US government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on context interchange, which involved the development of technology that helps organizations work more cooperatively and collaboratively. His industry work includes contributions to projects such as IBM’s VM/370 operating system and Lockheed Martin’s DIALOG information retrieval system. He has also founded or co-founded several high-tech firms, including Intercomp, acquired by Logicon; Mitrol, acquired by General Electric; the Cambridge Institute for Information Systems, subsequently renamed Cambridge Technology Group; and iAggregate, acquired by ArsDigita, which was subsequently acquired by Red Hat. Professor Madnick has authored or coauthored over 400 books, articles, and technical reports.

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