Coding Analytics & Digital Forensics

Analysis Group has conducted comprehensive software code review and analysis for products ranging from dozens to over a million files. Our project teams have examined and provided reports and testimony on topics such as the capabilities of the code, whether or not the code infringed certain patents or statutes, measurements and assessments of code changes across product versions, the integration of specific software components (e.g., those contributed by third parties), and the build processes that determine the specific development files used to create final products.  

Our experts evaluate code across a wide variety of programming languages and supporting technologies, including standalone computer programs, applications delivered online, and large-scale distributed data systems. These analyses have been used in support of a variety of cases involving commercial disputes, competition, cybersecurity, intellectual property, software products, and tax litigation. We have been involved in all phases of the litigation process, from the analysis of code, through the development of expert reports, to deposition and trial testimony. 

Examples of Analysis Group’s work include: 

  • Developing theories of validity and infringement in intellectual property matters 
  • Analyzing code vulnerabilities or errors 
  • Evaluating the creativity of source code in copyright cases 
  • Conducting analyses in code rooms under a wide variety of situations 
  • Reviewing the software development processes of specific organizations, including the planning, developing, testing, and shipping of code 
  • Providing guidance to counsel on technical standards, including Internet Standards 
  • Conducting digital forensics assessments involving data recovery or software usage