Ludmila Rovba

Vice President
Ludmila Rovba



Ph.D., economics, Cornell University; M.A., economics, Georgia State University; M.Sc., applied mathematics and computer science, Belarus State University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Rovba has extensive experience applying econometrics and microeconomic techniques to conduct complex analyses underlying a range of litigation and non-litigation matters. She has worked in the areas of antitrust, commercial damages, finance, entertainment, natural resources, pharmacoeconomics, sports economics, and technology. She has developed simulations and analytics to illustrate the economics of mutual funds and their fee structure; a damages model to compute the effect of off-label marketing in investigations in the pharmaceutical industry; and a model for a major pharmaceutical company to price new and existing drugs. She has also worked on strategy and litigation cases within the technology and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Rovba has participated in all phases of litigation, including managing case teams and assisting experts in their preparation of reports. She supported an expert in the analysis of the software industry and the evaluation of the impact of the allegedly anticompetitive policies.

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