Nathan Trujillo

Vice President
Nathan Trujillo

Los Angeles


Ph.D., chemical engineering, and S.M., chemical engineering practice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.B.A., applied statistics and economics, MIT Sloan School of Management; B.S., chemical engineering, University of California, San Diego

Summary of Experience

Dr. Trujillo specializes in applying financial, statistical, and economic analyses to complex business disputes across a wide variety of industries – including financial services, technology, automotive, telecommunications, health care, oil and gas, and entertainment. He has been involved in all phases of the litigation process, from review of pretrial discovery to expert report, deposition, and trial preparation, and has testified as a damages expert in deposition and in arbitration on matters involving causation, breach of contract, and unfair competition. Dr. Trujillo’s intellectual property (IP) experience includes assessing reasonable royalties, price erosion, lost profits, and disgorgement damages for patent, trademark, and copyright infringement matters involving consumer and commercial products. He has also applied quantitative, statistical, and forensic techniques to address damages and class certification issues in matters involving false advertising, asset misappropriation, medical and legal malpractice, tax and accounting, and product liability, and in assisting government entities on public policy issues. Dr. Trujillo’s experience includes the valuation of privately held companies, trade secrets, and patent portfolios for public companies. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Trujillo worked as a chemical process engineer. He also taught statistics as a course assistant at the MIT Sloan School of Management.