Shogo Hamasaki

Vice President
Shogo Hamasaki


Ph.D., economics, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., economics, University of California, Berkeley

Summary of Experience

Dr. Hamasaki is an economist who specializes in the application of microeconomics to complex business problems and disputes. His expertise is in game theory, industrial organization, and innovation economics. Dr. Hamasaki has conducted theoretical and empirical analyses of questions arising in the technology, entertainment, and biopharmaceutical industries in intellectual property (IP) and antitrust matters, among others. His recent case work has focused on market design and IP monetization of new technologies, economic analysis of contracts in innovation settings, the evaluation of the economic impact of legal and governmental regulations and interventions, and the valuation and impact assessment of knowledge transferred by employees. In his recent IP analyses, Dr. Hamasaki has evaluated reasonable royalties and lost profits, commercial success, injunction/exclusion orders, and FRAND compliance and determinations. He has also presented on topics related to antitrust and IP, and advised patent holders and patent pools in designing individual and collective licensing structures and royalty rates for new and existing licensing programs. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Hamasaki was a research assistant and taught microeconomics at the University of California, Los Angeles.