Of Note

  • Contributions of a National Clean Electricity Payment Program to the Economy

    The adoption of a Clean Electricity Payment Program (CEPP) could have a significant, positive impact on the US economy, according to an independent study by an Analysis Group team.

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    Economic Analysis During the Pandemic

    Throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021, Analysis Group has partnered with a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit organizations to help them address economic, social, and litigation challenges raised by the pandemic.

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    Spotlight on Depression in Special Edition of PharmacoEconomics

    Managing Principal Paul E. Greenberg and Senior Advisor Tammy Sisitsky served as guest editors for a themed issue of PharmacoEconomics on major depressive disorders (MDDs).

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    Pro Bono Work on Rental Discrimination Wins “Hero” Award from Massachusetts Housing Association

    We congratulate the Analysis Group pro bono team that coauthored the report “Qualified Renters Need Not Apply: Race and Voucher Discrimination in the Metro Boston Rental Housing Market,” which was awarded the Fair Housing Hero Award by the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association.

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