Analysis Group Authors Win 2023 Antitrust Writing Award for Best Business Article in Economics

March 29, 2023

Analysis Group is honored to have three of its competition experts as winners of the 2023 Concurrences Antitrust Writing Award in the Business Article: Economics category. Their article, “An Economic Analysis of the Self-Preferencing Debate,” explores the increased regulatory concerns surrounding self-preferencing behaviors by digital platforms through an economic prism.

As digital platforms have grown, regulators and government officials in the US and abroad have become increasingly concerned that certain platforms favor their own products over competitors’ on their platforms. These concerns have led to investigations, litigation, and proposals for new regulation and legislation in a number of countries.

In their award-winning article, Vice President Juliette Caminade, Manager Juan Carvajal, and academic affiliate Christopher Knittel provide an economic analysis of the self-preferencing debate. They survey common at-issue practices and proposed regulations intended to address them. Through a historical lens, the authors examine why such practices have come under increased scrutiny in the digital age when similar practices have not previously raised similar concerns. Finally, they review recent economic research on the effect of self-preferencing practices and proposed regulatory responses on consumer welfare to shed light on the possible effects of regulating these practices.

The Concurrences award, a joint initiative between the magazine and the George Washington University Competition Law Center, recognizes compelling scholarship in the areas of antitrust and competitive markets. The six-month evaluation process for the 2023 Antitrust Writing Awards involved 60 international antitrust experts who reviewed 1,200 submissions. The award-winning article was originally published in California Lawyers Association’s Competition newsletter.