Analysis Group Ranked in Top 10 of Vault’s Best Places to Work

February 27, 2023

Analysis Group is honored to be ranked as a top 10 consulting firm in Vault’s 2023 listing of best places to work. The firm is ninth on the list, jumping 12 spots from 2022, and is the top-ranked economics consulting firm. Analysis Group is also ranked among the top five consulting firms in the areas of Overall Business Outlook and Quality of Employment and Life.

The firm’s rankings are based on a combination of external peer perspectives and internal employee perspectives on factors including firm culture, work-life balance, job satisfaction, compensation, and business outlook. The following comments were provided in support of Analysis Group’s rankings:

  • “Analysis Group makes significant investments in its people, not only through formal structures, policies, [and] benefits . . . but through informal support, mentoring, and genuine commitment to the success of colleagues.”
  • “I came for the high-profile, challenging work; I stayed for the amazing colleagues and growth opportunities.”
  • “Three main things set Analysis Group apart from the competition. First, Analysis Group has the most amazing people – everyone is kind, friendly, smart, and wants to help each other succeed. Second, the work-life balance is better at AG than other economics consulting firms. Third, our internal labor market allows people to choose what cases they want to work on, giving people agency to grow professionally in whatever ways they choose.”
  • “There is a lot of flexibility in terms of travel, work from the office, working from home, etc. The priority is the quality of the work, and whether employees are contributing to the work and to each other’s professional growth and development. I think the time-off policies are generous and flexible.”
  • “Analysis Group excels in career development opportunities and it is a great place to work after graduating from college. You learn several transferable skills (both technical and soft skills), and the mentorship provided to new analysts is outstanding. There are formal training opportunities and you also learn on the job through the help of senior analysts on your case teams.”
  • “Support from colleagues has been second to none. I have found the promotions to be fair and recognize the importance of collaboration and attention to the careers of colleagues. While our field is not very diverse, the firm has paid particular attention to diversity in promotion in more recent years, with significant success.”
  • “The DE&I efforts have really ramped up in the last two years. There are several affinity groups . . . that help people maximize their AG experience and network with other individuals at the firm.”
  • “Our industry is largely recession-proof, our firm is highly diversified within the industry, and our leadership team is strong, with a deep bench.”

These comments emphasize Analysis Group’s core strengths as an industry-leading firm that manages to balance challenging, high-profile work with a culture that prioritizes collaboration, mentorship, learning and development opportunities, trust and respect, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Vault’s rankings are developed via a survey, conducted by Vault, that asks employees to assess the prestige of peer consulting firms and the quality of life at their own firms. A weighted formula is then applied to the data to determine the final rankings.

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