Federal Judge Grants Analysis Group Client’s Motion for Summary Judgment in Panama Electrical Grid Litigation

February 24, 2023

Analysis Group was retained by Much Shelist on behalf of Goldwind USA, a wind power plant developer and the defendant in a tortious interference litigation brought by solar developer Avanzalia Solar. Avanzalia claimed that Goldwind interfered with Avanzalia’s access agreement, allegedly blocking and delaying its ability to connect its 120-megawatt solar plant to Goldwind’s electrical transmission substation in Panama. Avanzalia sought tens of millions of dollars in compensatory damages at trial, including lost profits and punitive damages.

An Analysis Group team led by power system economist Joseph Cavicchi, working with Almudena Arcelus, Maria Marta Laurito, and Juan Carvajal, supported Goldwind’s counsel with an assessment of the alleged claims. The team’s assessment, based on in-depth research of Spanish and English materials, included thorough economic analyses of Panama’s wholesale and retail power markets, as well as the financial performance of renewable power development in Panama. 

A judge in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois granted Goldwind’s motion for summary judgment and dismissed Avanzalia’s claims.