Almudena Arcelus

Senior Advisor
Almudena Arcelus


S.M., management, MIT Sloan School of Management; B.S., electrical engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana

Summary of Experience

Ms. Arcelus specializes in analyses of complex problems in business litigation from technology, economic, and financial perspectives. Her litigation experience includes all aspects of diverse litigation matters. Ms. Arcelus frequently works with an extensive network of experts from leading universities, as well as distinguished industry experts, to apply innovative and established techniques to her engagements.

In more than three decades at Analysis Group, she has managed high-profile litigation projects across a variety of areas, including antitrust and competition, intellectual property, data protection and privacy, technology, cybersecurity, biometric data, algorithm use, regulatory compliance, impact of misleading information technology, and contract disputes. Her work often involves leading companies in technology-intensive industries such as digital platforms, biotech, engineer systems, computer hardware, and software. Ms. Arcelus has worked on cases in the US, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

Ms. Arcelus has also worked on securities class action cases involving institutional responsibility and investor knowledge; energy litigation projects involving contract and price disputes; labor litigation involving no-poach agreements; and health care consulting projects involving the statistical modeling of clinical outcomes, pharmacoeconomic analyses, and strategic financial analyses.