Principal Paul Hibbard Discusses Decarbonization Initiatives and Policy in Northeast Gas Association’s “Energy Conversation”

January 10, 2022

Principal Paul Hibbard was invited to participate in the Northeast Gas Association’s “Energy Conversation” podcast series to provide his perspective on the future for decarbonization initiatives in the US Northeast. Speaking with Charles Crews, President and CEO of NGA, Mr. Hibbard drew on his public policy experience as the former chair of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, as well as his recent work providing economic impact analysis for a number of different state- and region-level decarbonization initiatives.

Mr. Hibbard discussed his views on the role of natural gas in helping states and regions make the transition to a carbon-free economy over the next several decades. He touched on an array of policy initiatives, including electrification of the transportation and building sectors, the importance of developing efficient “green” hydrogen and longer-duration storage technologies, and various carbon pricing programs.

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