Pro Bono Team Develops Fundraising Dashboards for Humanitarian Aid Organization ALIMA

April 14, 2022

In collaboration with the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA), an Analysis Group team provided pro bono analytical support to ALIMA’s fundraising arm, offering insights into the fundraising performance of the medical humanitarian aid nongovernmental organization. Leveraging expertise in data analysis and business intelligence, the team developed several dashboards summarizing critical fundraising information, which enabled ALIMA to analyze and improve its performance in prospecting and loyalty-building.

The AG team included Anirudh Nambiar, Alice Zhu, Amanda Lettieri, Kate Schoenbach, and Anne Catherine Faye. The AG team analyzed ALIMA’s donation and fundraising records, including its donor base, channels, and demographics, as well as events. The visualization output included recency, frequency, and monetary value; return on investment; lifetime value of donors; and acquisition cost by channel and campaign. The team also created dashboards to examine standard fundraising metrics such as consolidation rate, year-to-year loyalty rate, and attrition rate.