Supported by Analysis Group, Huntsman Corporation to Receive $665 Million in Damages in Favorable Arbitration Outcome

April 6, 2022

Analysis Group was retained on behalf of Huntsman Corporation, the claimant in a breach of contract arbitration matter against Albemarle Corporation and its subsidiary, Rockwood Holdings (Rockwood). Both Huntsman and Rockwood operated in the pigment industry. Huntsman alleged that Rockwood made misrepresentations to Huntsman about a pigment technology used at one of the chemicals facilities Huntsman acquired from Rockwood, and sought damages. 

An Analysis Group team led by Managing Principal Divya Mathur, Vice President Mark Berberian, and Manager Hannah Bliss supported academic affiliate R. Glenn Hubbard, who testified at deposition and arbitration on the damages attributable to the alleged misrepresentations. Professor Hubbard also rebutted the testimony of two of Rockwood’s experts on damages and corporate acquisitions issues.

Professor Hubbard’s damages calculation was found to be credible and persuasive by a three-judge panel of the American Arbitration Association. Albemarle agreed to pay $665 million to Huntsman in damages and costs after the panel issued its findings.