Controlled Substance Monitoring & Analytics

Abuse of prescription drugs has increasingly become a top priority for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the US Department of Justice, and State Attorneys General. Across all levels of the drug distribution and dispensing chain, firms face regulatory responsibilities to effectively monitor and safeguard against the diversion of controlled substances.

Analysis Group has worked with distributors and manufacturers to develop statistical models, using data regularly collected through business operations, to detect high-risk pharmacies and prescribers, identify suspicious orders, and detect drug theft by internal employees. These models have been used by our clients to identify priority areas in need of risk management actions. In addition, Analysis Group has assisted counsel for several such companies in recent high-profile disputes with the DEA and United States Attorneys’ Offices (USAO) and Attorneys General around the country. Using our robust experience with a broad range of health care data, we have effectively rebutted statistical models created by the DEA and USAO statisticians and built alternative models that were instrumental in reaching resolution.

Areas of expertise

  • Analysis related to Suspicious Order Monitoring regulations (21 CFR 1301.74(b))
  • Effective Controls Against Diversion analytics
  • Litigation support
  • Loss-prevention modeling
  • Economic and statistical modeling
Areas of expertise