Go-to-Market Strategy for a Solar Cell Start-Up

Our client had invested in a solar cell start-up, and asked Analysis Group to develop a strategic framework to prepare the start-up's product for mainstream applications, and to develop both a go-to-market and long-term plan. Drawing on our experience with disruptive technologies, we identified markets where the start-up's technology could successfully compete and identified appropriate prospective customers. We defined an end-state vision that fully capitalized on the product's unique performance attributes and mapped out the range of markets, businesses, and applications that the start-up might enter over time.

We also developed different future scenarios in which distributed and renewable energy power solutions would be most compelling. We focused on practical solutions such as implementing solar panels on rooftops and how to solve current problems within the grid infrastructure as well as ways to eliminate the need for it. Our approach and recommendations led the start-up to an alternative set of entry points and refocused the company's marketing and development efforts.

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